New project DENPOOLS.IT the company produser of the fiberglass sweeming pools entering to Italian market

We offer high quality swimming pools with special interior cover. the pool surface is strongly protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and at the same time smooth and easy to clean.
Each swimming pool produced by our company has an advanced multilayer structure of the walls. We can guarantee a strong, elastic and resistant pool from external damage.

Start Up project E commerce Dolce Vita Shop online

Online shopping was never easier, and safer than it is today with our new system.
Store Manager Tiphany Thomson

E commers project. Internet portal for trading Italian food. Based on idea famouse and popularity Italian cuchina and food. Fust delivery directly from Italy ower the word. The project in process of deweloping and looking for partnership.

Start Up project Courier Veloce Fast domicile delivery service 7/24 within one hour

This is project based on idea fast domestic delivery within one hour, and take a place on the market where are not operated big delivery firm.

Fast courier is a parcel and envelope shipping service and packages of all shapes and sizes, expert for shipping to Rome and the Roman Castles. Fast delivery – shipping for individuals and companies
Safe service – the guarantee of delivery
Rome and Castelli Romani – pick up and home delivery

Air Disinfection and Purification Module

One of the most effective and safe ways of purification the air is closed-type ultraviolet radiation. A device must meet special requirements to be lightweight, safe, and inexpensive designed for indoors up to 100m2. It was decided to use plastic as a shell but a plastic can collapses in ultraviolet light and we found a way to protect the inner surface of the shell (mirror surface) this gave another positive point, the efficiency increased due to the re-reflection of UV-C radiation inside the device. The second point is safety. UV-C lamps are mainly of a wide spectrum of radiation, but since the main wavelength that destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria is 256 nm, that is why we took into consideration using this type of lamp. Ozone fries. The second important point was to prevent radiation from escaping from the device, for this needed the advice of opticians and ventilation specialists. As a result, developed end grilles that, without interfering with the air circulation inside the device provided by the fan, do not allow the release of harmful UV-C radiation (filed a patent for this grille!). In order not to install additional filters that need to be changed during operation every month (clogged with dust), the grate with the fan forms a turbulent flow, which eliminates the deposition of dust on the lamp. And as a result, the device that, safely disinfects the air in a 100m2 room for 1 hour. The lamps that work up to 75% efficiently for 9000 hours, then if the device works 12 hours a day, then the lamp will need to be replaced only after 2 years, and if 24 hours a day, then 1 year. The technological process also affects the cost, and this device is assembled by 5 people without special skills in 1 month in the amount of 2000 pieces.