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How many types of visas are there?
The twenty-one types of visas provided, corresponding to the different reasons for entry, are: adoption, business, medical care, diplomat, family reasons, sports competition, invitation, self-employment, subordinate work, mission, religious reasons, re-entry, elective residence, research , study, airport transit, ..

The business visa in Italy is a type specifically provided for by the D.M. 850 of 2011. This is an entry visa for a short stay (up to 90 days) which is issued to foreigners who intend to travel to Italy for economic and commercial purposes.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to carry out his business in Italy as well, you should know the discipline relating to the business and work visa. These regulations, whose detailed regulations are contained in the Decree of the Foreign Minister of 11 May 2011 (in implementation of the Consolidated Immigration Law, Legislative Decree 286/1998), establish requirements, conditions and procedures for obtaining a visa from foreigners. , necessary to be able to come to Italy and operate as an entrepreneur.
It should be noted that the Decree in question exclusively governs situations relating to people who come from non-European countries as for those who reside in countries belonging to the European Union, there are other rules that standardize the regulations regarding the freedom of circulation and establishment without the need to obtain a specific business visa.
When is the business visa needed?
Starting our analysis from the cd. visa for business, the Ministerial Decree identifies first of all its function: this diplomatic authorization, in fact, serves the foreign entrepreneur to be able to enter the Italian territory, within the limits of a short stay, when the trip in question is dedicated to economic or commercial type, or for carrying out negotiations or consulting and cooperation activities with companies or customers, as well as for learning and representation purposes (think, for example, of participation in professional refresher courses or an important trade congress , as well as at fairs and exhibitions, and so on). Once issued, the business visa allows the foreign entrepreneur to enter Italy and the entire Schengen area, with a maximum length of stay of 90 days every 180.

The requirements to be able to apply
In order to obtain an entry visa for business, the law requires a series of obligations for the applicant. Schematically, you will need to show documents from which it is possible to prove:

  • the status of economic or commercial operator;
  • the purposes of the trip for which the visa is requested;
  • the possession of economic means of support (according to the detailed data established from time to time by specific directives of the Ministry);
  • the booking of accommodation or the declaration of hospitality by a person legally resident in Italy according to European laws;
  • the presence of health insurance valid in Italy with coverage of at least 30,000 euros.

The declaration of invitation
Moreover, if the foreign entrepreneur is invited to Italy for business by a local company (for all the different purposes that may justify the issuance of the visa), in addition to the above requirements it is also necessary to indicate a “declaration of invitation “signed by the Italian company or by the inviting body. This document must contain a certificate of the period of validity and the reason for the stay, as well as a summary of the activities that the invited foreigner will have to carry out.

Finally, if the required conditions are met, the business visa can also be issued to people accompanying the applicant, as long as there are documented work reasons.

How to apply for a business visa
To obtain the visa, it is necessary to apply, following the form attached to the Ministerial Decree of 11 May 2011. Also for the drafting of the invitation letter by Italian companies it is appropriate to follow the model indicated by the Ministry. It should be noted that the business visa is not required for very short stays: in this case, however, the foreign entrepreneur must make, upon entering Italy, a declaration of presence (or residence) to the persons in charge of the Border Police. However, if it is a citizen of a country belonging to the Schengen Area, this declaration can be issued within eight days of entering the Foreign Office of the Police Headquarters of the Municipality where the foreign entrepreneur is staying.
Business visa: when it is not necessary
The Italian rules relating to the business visa must be supplemented by the European Union legislation, which sometimes provides for exceptions or exceptions to the internal rules. In particular, the EC Regulation no. 539/2001 contains a list of countries (non-EU) whose citizens are exempt from the obligation to obtain a visa for business purposes: among these it is possible to mention Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, San Marino and the Holy See, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others. Even in these cases, however, a series of conditions are required for entry: possession of valid travel documents for crossing the border, justification of the purpose and conditions of the stay.

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